Monday, February 8, 2016

The Paw-Parazzi Pet Photo Contest

What’s not to love about our pets? They are present throughout the highs and lows of our lives and are always there to offer a heartwarming snuggle or an eccentric moment of joy. No doubt about it, our pets are a part of our families. Full of love, energy, and endless support, our huggable buddies offer a unique type of affection that cannot be replaced. Here at Bel Furniture, we love your pets just as much as you do, this is why we’ve introduced our Paw-Parazzi Pet Photo Contest to give them some much needed spotlight! And to top it all off, we’re giving away two FREE Pitbull Concert tickets for the Houston Rodeo on March 8th! Just simply follow the three easy steps below and submit your entry on our contest page!

Step One
Does your loveable pet make the cutest poses? Do they find themselves in the most precarious situations? Or perhaps they lazily sprawl out waiting for their well deserved photoshoot. Well now is their time to shine! Get your camera out and be on the lookout for your sweet pet’s cutest moments. The more adorable, the better because we want your pet to get the attention they deserve!

Step Two

Now that you have the best possible photo of your furry friend, simply upload the image on our easy to use entry form. And don’t forget, the perfect pet photo needs the perfect caption. Perhaps Fido’s mid-air jump needs that enticing “Leap of faith” text to bring it all together. Or maybe the image of Miss Kitty Fluff’s meal-time panic needs a cute “Right MEOW” description to catch people’s attention. Never underestimate the power of words and images!

Step Three

After you’ve submitted your adorable photo and caption, it’s time to do a little leg work! Tell your friends and family to vote on your submission through our Paw-Parrazi Pet Photo Contest Facebook page. Tell everyone to vote and show support of your sweet huggable pet! This is your key to success, because the submission with the most votes—wins! And of course, the winner gets to attend the concert of one of the most iconic Hip-Hop artists around, Pitbull himself! Go on a fun night out at the Rodeo while your pet gets the limelight. Everyone WINS!

But remember, this contest ends on Monday, March 8th at 11:59pm, and right now there’s no better time to get the word out, because our President’s Day Sale is going strong! Stop by a Bel Furniture near you to pounce on these incredible deals! So without further ado, get out your camera and show us your pets, your cuddle buddies, your furry friends for the most adorable pet contest in Texas!

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