Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dream Your Way into a Better Mattress

Imagine being fully immersed in a sweet and tender dream. Maybe you’re flying amongst the London rooftops or dancing by a moonlit shore. Now imagine abruptly waking up from your dream because your mattress is lumpy and several years too old. Bel Furniture sympathizes with your restless dilemma, because we want you to share your wildest dreams with us in a chance to win a new plush mattress! You heard us right, it’s that easy! Just follow these three simple steps:

Step One

The first thing you need to do is make your way over to a Bel Furniture showroom near you. Once you arrive, take your time to browse through our vast selection of beds and mattresses. Once you find that perfect resting spot, ask one of our many friendly staff members to borrow our dry erase Thought Board. Now, write down or draw a dream of yours! Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps you have an inner desire to sail around the world. This is where you put your own unique and personal touch. Now, proudly hold it up while a friend or staff member snaps a picture of you next to your favorite mattress.

Step Two

Once you have your dream photo in hand, head over to our Bel Furniture Facebook page, click on the Sweet Dreams Photo Contest tab, and take a few minutes to fill out a quick and easy Entry Form. Next, submit your picture with short caption explaining why this photo and dream is special to you. Then let the magic begin!

Step Three

The last and possibly most important step is to get the word out there. Tell your friends and family to vote on your submission through our Sweet Dreams Photo Contest Facebook page. Tell your coworkers! Tell your neighbors! Tell everyone to vote and show support of your dream! This is your key to success, because the submission with the most votes—wins! Sounds easy right? Because it is! Win your dream mattress by doing something as simple as sharing your dream! Seems unreal doesn’t it?

But remember, this contest ends on Saturday, September 12th at 11:59pm, and right now there’s no better time to enter, because our Labor Day Sale is in full swing! Enjoy our many sizzling summer deals while you enter to win a chance at a better night’s sleep. So tell us, how big are your dreams?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Can’t Spell “Barbecue” Without “Bar”

A summer barbecue is a southern staple. All you need is a great group of friends and family, a plethora of delicious side dishes to accompany the main dish, and the perfect space with a choice of summer beverages. After all, you can’t spell “barbecue” without “bar!” Believe it or not, Bel Furniture has a large selection of bars and wine cabinets to equip you for the best summer barbecue ever!

Indoor Bar

If it gets a little too hot outdoors, enjoying a barbecue indoors is perfectly acceptable. Give your home a sophisticated bar area to keep well stocked with your summer favorites. Bel Furniture offers a variety of bars, from single 3-piece bar sets to multi-piece bar and cabinet sets. Spring for this wraparound bar set to store your glasses, wines, and more. If you are looking for a smaller bar set, this 3-piece bar set will do the trick. Mix all your cocktails and classic drinks, like a refreshing mint julep, at this intricately designed freestanding bar.

Patio Bars

For those breezy summer days, have your barbecue out on your patio, complete with a patio bar from Bel Furniture. Bring out this contemporary freestanding bar to host a wine tasting or pull out the tabletop to play card games. This modern bar set features a unique design with a wine rack, fit for both functionality and style. You can also give your patio a rustic touch with this casual bar from our Antique Collection. Place all your dishes along the bar top to create a buffet-style summer barbecue.

Wine Cabinets

What’s a barbecue without wine coolers and sangria? Have your wine bottles at the ready with a classic wine cabinet. This spacious wine cabinet wall unit offers plenty of storage and organization for your wine bottles, glasses, wine stoppers, and more. Combining a bar and wine cabinet, the contemporary frosted glass bar offers the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a simple wine cabinet that does not take up too much space, this 18-bottle wine storage cabinet features optimum organization.

No matter what you serve at your summer barbecue, you will have the perfect place to serve it with Bel Furniture. So bring out your best recipes and beverage concoctions to wow all your guests, and make this a summer to remember!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Don’t Miss Our Extended Epic Sale

At Bel Furniture, we love to have sales, and when we have a sale, we do it big. From July 8th to July 21st, we are having our Extended Epic Sale. We know that hard working families like yours deserve great furniture, and that’s why we have these sales. Come in today and get everything from living room sets, bedroom sets, kids beds, and office furniture at the lowest price period.

Does your child need a new bed? We have several great models to choose from, including this Twin over Twin Bunk Bed in an Espresso Finish. What kid wouldn’t love a bunk bed? They are so fun to have, and they save space! Originally, this bed sells for $599.99. You can get it at our Extended Epic Sale for $198.91. Imagine what you could do with all that savings!

It may be July, but it’s never too early to think about the holidays, especially if you host Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. If you have been thinking about upgrading your dining room, and you’re tired of your mother-in-law commenting on your mismatched dining room chairs, now is the perfect time to get the dining set you’ve always wanted. You can get this 7 Piece Extension Dining Set in a Cherry Finish. This dining set includes four side chairs and two arm chairs in the same cherry finish. You can also get a matching Server with Mirror or China Cabinet at similar savings. Give your dining room the makeover it deserves and wow your guests this holiday season.

Summertime means spending lots of time outdoors, but with the Texas heat, sometimes all you want to do is stay inside where there’s AC and watch a movie. If you’ve been looking for a new, beautiful entertainment center, this 3 Piece Entertainment Center in a Cherry Finish is the perfect addition to your home. It includes a Pier Top and Base, as well as plenty of display and media storage. During the Extended Epic Sale, you can get it for only $798.54.

The Extended Epic Sale ends soon, so don’t miss this chance to to upgrade your home AND save money. Find your nearest Bel Furniture store at

Monday, June 29, 2015

Scent-Sational Summertime

Summer is here, and Fall is coming fast. By now, you have noticed all the gardens in bloom, the backyard grills smoking, and the plethora of fresh fruit filling the grocery stores. It is a time of new summer smells filling the air, and simultaneously, you are likely feeling a little more relaxed on those hot summer evenings.

While you might think that these two facts are unrelated, you may be surprised to realize just how closely linked our emotions are to our sense of smell. A nice bouquet of flowers, a warm apple pie, or the scent of an ocean breeze can lift your spirits instantly.Therefore, the scents you have in your home can make just as big of an impression on you, your family, and your guests as the perfect accent piece or a new furniture set.

Out With The Old

Before you hit up the nearest Yankee Candle, remember that adding new scents without cleaning out the stale odors will just result in a masking effect that will have little impact in the long run. Instead, start with some basic cleaning. Vacuum the carpet, wipe down all the wooden surfaces, shake the dust out of all your rugs (note: make sure you do this outside), and really get into all the nooks and crannies. You’ll probably enlist your kids’ help to tackle the heavy duty messes, including the pile of gym clothes in your son’s room.

Once all the bad smells have been removed, then it’s time to bring in the scents you love.

Commercial Products

The option that may come to mind first is to purchase commercial scent products. These mainly include a variety of air fresheners. Many of these are designed to be long-lasting and include ingredients that work to eliminate any lingering odors that may have stuck around after your thorough summer cleaning.

However, there are those who forgo this option in favor of a more natural approach.

Candles, Waxes, & Oils

The variety of candles, melting waxes, reed diffusers, and essential oils that are out there can seem daunting to say the least, and while each has their own benefits, it ultimately comes down to your style, your home decor, and of course, the scent that makes you feel happiest or captures the mood that you want to create. Keep in mind, our sense of smell is also closely linked to our memories, so when making your decision, you may find a scent to evokes memories of a loved one, of a childhood memory, or even of a specific place and time.


Finally, after looking through all your options, you may decide to go completely natural and create your own solutions. This process could include making your own candles (for which there are an abundance of blogs, recipes, and guides from which to choose) or you could find simpler method for bringing the scents you love to your home.

Fresh cut flowers add a natural and bright feel to your home and can bring the scent of relaxing summer to any room. Additionally, you may decide to hit the kitchen, where you can either bake fresh cookies 24 hours a day (a little difficult, but if you decide to do this, then please invite us over) or you can make your favorite simmering pot. To do so, just warm a pot of water on the stove or in a crockpot and add your favorite ingredients (apples, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, nutmeg, rosemary, and so on).

No matter how you choose to freshen up your home, just remember that the right combination of furniture, decor, fresh scents, and family can transform any house, apartment, or condo into an instant home.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Epic Sale is Here and Father’s Day is around the Bend

Father’s Day is just around the corner and Bel Furniture has plenty of ways to celebrate this year. Your dad deserves something that makes him feel appreciated, the king of his domain, the grand ruler of that one squashy armchair with the perfect placement in front of the living room TV. Get him a gift that doesn’t only say “I love you” but also “I know you.”

We started the Bel Epic Sale specifically for families that might not normally be able to afford the furniture that the heads of their households deserve. Maybe that one great TV console that dad loves is just out of your price range—we want to change that. We’ve slashed prices lower than ever this year to honor all of the amazing value that fathers bring to our communities.

We know that fathers make an impact in more than just their own households. They are the largest cheering section at the local little league games. They make sure that the family feels protected at night. They will pull over to the side of the road to help out a stranger in need.

Because of these people, amazing fathers, Bel Furniture’s Epic Sale is slashing prices down to the lowest you’ll see in a long time. We’ve got beautiful two-piece living room sets with a free recliner thrown in if you buy during the sale;

stately King and Queen bedroom sets that will make your bedroom reflect all of the love and effort that you put into keeping your house looking good;

daybeds and curio cabinets to make your space feel like home and show off your unique personality;

and awesome-looking bunk beds to give kids rooms that have maximum floor space for fun, toys, and play.

The sale ends soon, so don’t miss your chance to make this Father’s Day one to remember for you and your family!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day Extravaganza

May has always been a big month for the team here at BEL furniture, mostly due to the fact that we always celebrate Memorial Day in a big way. This year, we are offering huge savings on tons of our furniture and home decor pieces. It is all a part of our Memorial Day Extravaganza!

Huge Storewide Savings

Everything is on sale, in-store and online. That includes dining sets like this 6-piece set from our Mollai Collection. Featuring an espresso finish, a self-storing butterfly leaf, and padded seats, this beautiful combination, originally priced at $806.99, is now on sale for only $584.44.

Or if you prefer something with a more formal feel, then check out this 7-piece set that shows off a mahogany, matte finish and a carved hardwood construction. Originally on sale for $1599.99, you can now find this entire set for $1091.55. That means over $500 in savings.

And for the extra touch, add the 2-piece china cabinet.

Relax In Style

After a long Memorial Day Weekend full of feasting with family and friends, we know that you’ll need a place to kick back and just relax, so get yourself topnotch comfort without paying a topnotch price.

You deserve to put your feet up after a long day, so treat yourself to a brand new recliner, like this one below. As part of our Sara Collection, this cozy chair is crafted with hardwood construction and rich, brown bonded leather, and to help you relax in any direction, it also includes a bonus swivel base; all of this for just $244.98.

However, you may make your friends and family jealous whenever they stop by, so get enough seats to go around with this motion reclining living room set. With vanilla leather, steel reclining mechanisms, hardwood frames, superior padded comfort, and a convenient fold-down tray table with cupholders, this group will surely offer the ultimate experience in relaxation. Buy it now for $998.88 and get the recliner for free!

Sleep In As Late As You Want

To cap off all the amazing savings during our Memorial Day Sale, we’re giving away tons of free gifts with every mattress purchase of $799.99 or more, including free delivery, a free bed frame, a free mattress protector, free set-up and removal, two free deluxe pillows, two free deluxe pillow cases, a free deluxe flat sheet, and a free deluxe fitted sheet. In the end, you’ll save more and sleep better.

BEL American Household

Finally, to wrap up our Memorial Day Celebration, we have been hosting a contest all month where customers can submit a photo of themselves or their home for a chance to win $2,500.

It is not uncommon to hear the phrase “Average American Household.” However, we believe that there’s no such thing, because part of being American and part of what so many men and women have fought and died for is for us to have the chance to embrace our diversity. Each American family is unique and so are their homes. That’s why we celebrate this diversity and the freedom to express yourself throughout your home, making it your #BelAmericanHousehold!

For more details on upcoming events, be sure to subscribe to BEL Furniture and like/follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You still have time to save during our Memorial Day Extravaganza, so hurry in before June 9th and take advantage of all the savings! Make this season one to remember!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Interior Design Using Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Colors

Are you looking to update your interior design? Give your home a trendy makeover using the Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion colors. Bel Furniture has furniture and home decor in all fashionable colors for every taste at an affordable price.

Cool Tones

This year’s Spring Pantone Fashion Colors feature a plethora of gorgeous cool tones. The calming shades of Dusk Blue, Aquamarine, Lavender Herb, and Lucite Green are accompanied by bold Classic Blue, tropical Scuba Blue, and earthy Treetop and Woodbine. You can give your home pops of these colors with this Classic Blue Rug, this Lucite Green Rug, this Scuba Blue Rug, or this Woodbine Patterned Rug.

Give your living room an accent color with this Dusk Blue Swivel Chair or this Treetop Recliner. Light up your room with this Aquamarine Beach Chair Lamp or this Lavender Herb Lamp.

Neutral Tones

Maybe you are looking to go a little natural in your home decor. Add hints of warmth to your home and complement vibrant colors with Toasted Almond, Sandstone, Titanium, and Glacier Gray. Get this sofa and ottoman set in either Toasted Almond or Sandstone for your living room for seating that never goes out of style.

Accompany your decor with this elegant and trendy Glacier Gray Chaise Lounge or Glacier Gray Patterned Accent Chair where you can read under the light of this Titanium Lamp.

Warm Tones

The warm tones of the Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Colors feature both velvety colors and fun tropicals. Marsala is the color of the year and the foundation of the entire palette. The creamy Custard, Strawberry Ice, and Tangerine finish the collection with flair. This Marsala Daybed Futon is the perfect place to relax both night and day. Your little girl will love this Strawberry Ice Twin Daybed and Trundle for her bedroom.

Finish off your home decor with this Custard Striped Rug or Tangerine Accented Patterned Rug.

Add your own personal touches and beautiful artwork, and your home is ready for your next get together. Tag @belfurniture in your Spring 2015 Pantone Fashion Color furniture pieces on Instagram.