Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Best Cat and Dog Proof Furniture

cat and dog proof furniture
There are few of life’s joys more pure than the bond between a human and their pet. Our furry friends accompany us through all of life’s trials and tribulations, standing loyally by our side as we venture into each new leg of life. While we may treasure the games of fetch and warm cuddles after a long day, there are parts of being a pet parent that aren’t ideal. Depending on the breed and cut of your pet, the struggle with pet hair may feel like a never ending battle. Even the best behaved animals can accidentally rip apart a prized piece of furniture with one wrong move of their clawed feet, and don’t even get us started on the stains. At Bel Furniture, we want to help pet owners enjoy their furry friends without stressing out about the less desirable aspects of sharing their home with their companions. Look below for our guide on cat and dog proof furniture.

Choose Pet Friendly Materials

When you’re sharing a home with your pet, you need to consider them when deciding on which fabrics you want to adorn your space with. While velvet and silk couches look sleek and beautiful, they trap pet hair and are scratched easily. Instead, you want to consider furniture with tight weaves that is easy to clean. These fabrics include:

Leather: Leather and faux leather may be the most pet proof fabrics. It is nearly impossible for pet hair to get caught in a leather sofa or chair, and simply sweeping semi-regularly and cleaning up messes with soap and water will keep leather beautiful in your living room or family room for years to come.

Microfiber: Pet owners of all kinds swear by microfiber. Microfiber is soft to the touch while not collecting pet hair in the same way that many other fabrics do. It is also incredibly durable and easily cleaned. Compared to most woven materials, microfiber is fairly stain resistant and it is designed to repel liquids.

Faux Suede: If you cannot bear to part with the aesthetics that more traditional fabrics offer, one of the smartest choices for pet owners is faux suede. It offers the aesthetic appeal of suede with a much easier clean-up should a pet accident occur.

Make Smart Color Choices

If you cannot keep pet hair completely off of the furniture, you should at least make it less visible. Be strategic about the colors you choose to decorate your home with. Ideally, you should choose fabric colors that match your pet’s fur color. This way, the fur will be less visible during more heavy shedding periods. If you don’t wish to adhere to this rule, you should at least attempt to avoid light fabric colors. No matter what the color of your pet’s fur, stains are going to show more clearly on lighter colors. Everything from urinary accidents to muddy feet from a rainy day are easier to conceal on darker fabrics.

Protective Covers

If you are still concerned about pet hair on the furniture, an easy way to cat and dog proof furniture is to invest in protective covers. These covers come in a number of different fabrics and styles in order to suit your individual tastes. Keep in mind that using a cover will conceal your furniture, so if you are particularly attached to the aesthetic appeal that your couch offers, this may not be ideal. For those who don’t wish to purchase a full cover, blankets and throw rugs may also assist in decreasing the accumulation of pet hair.

Keep Pets Off Your Furniture

While it will not completely eliminate hair and other pet-related damages, keeping your pets off of the furniture will help you keep your space clean. If you take this route, be sure that you offer a dog bed, cat tree, or other item that can serve as your pet’s favorite spot. Just like humans, animals crave comfort and need a soft space to relax and sleep. Providing enrichment items will also help you keep your pets entertained enough to not ruin furniture. Bones and chew toys help prevent dogs from chewing on tables and sofas, and a well-placed scratching post will let cats scratch without ruining your artisanal living room set.

Bel Furniture is dedicated to providing a home every member of your family will love. Check out our current sale for amazing deals that can’t be beat, and remember to check our blog regularly for more tips and tricks on how to keep your home looking fantastic.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Upholstery Price Guide

Upholster Furniture

You’re sitting on one of your favorite sofas when you turn and notice that there is a huge tear right through the middle of one of your seat cushions. How long has it been there? What do you do now? Many of us have lived through this situation before, and it can be paralyzing to figure out what happens next. At Bel Furniture, we’re here to help you with an upholstery price guide as we navigate you through the reupholstering process.

What Does It Mean to Upholster Furniture?

Upholstery is the practice of fitting padded coverings onto furniture. While it typically refers to couches and sofas, any piece of furniture that has a seat on it can be upholstered. Upholstery is typically performed on pieces of furniture that have incurred wear and tear, need fabric replacement, or have other adjustments that need to be made to the cushion part of the fabric. Upholstered furniture offers a lot of cushions with foam, and they are always enclosed in either fabric or leather. Once they are enclosed, there is a steel or wooden frame in which springs are attached that allow the cushions to be arranged as needed.

How Much Does Upholstery Usually Cost?

The cost of upholstery depends on the piece of furniture that will be upholstered, so it is difficult to come up with a definitive upholstery price guide. If you are lucky, a piece of furniture may only need to be cleaned and not completely replaced. Prices for upholstery cleaning range between $60 to $300. For the items that do need to be completely upholstered, you will generally pay between $150 and $1500 depending on different factors. The average cost of upholstery work generally turns out to be about $650.

What Factors Play Into Price?

There are several different factors that play into how much it will cost to reupholster a piece of furniture. These include the type of furniture, the fabric used, and the amount of labor involved. In general, small pieces are less expensive to work on than large pieces, and furniture that is unadorned will be less costly than furniture that has been embellished. You may also save money by bundling a number of different items of furniture together into one job. There are also delivery fees associated with reupholstery, but sometimes you can save money by bringing your furniture to the upholsterer yourself.

When Should I Pay For Upholstery?

Reupholstery has its benefits. For one, it is an eco-friendly way to cut down on the amount of old furniture that is left in landfills. However, as previously discussed, it can be quite expensive. When deciding whether or not you should pay for upholstery or buy a new piece, ask yourself these questions:

How old is the item? If the piece of furniture is over ten years old and the only sign of wear and tear is in the cushions, it may be worth it to keep the furniture for longer. Good quality furniture can be difficult to come by, and while it may seem expensive in the short run, furniture that has a long life may end up saving you money in the long term.

What material is the frame made of? If the frame is made of hardwood or another high-quality material and held together with dowels and glue or screws, then it may be worth reupholstering. These materials hold up well to the work that upholsterers do.

How much do you like the furniture? Even if the piece of furniture does not fit the above criteria, you may consider upholstery if you love the item. If it is a unique treasure and you cannot bear to part with it, go ahead and get the upholstery repairs done.

When Should I Buy New Furniture?

Most of the time, buying new furniture is the better option because the cost of upholstery can be more expensive than buying an entire new piece of furniture. While it can be difficult to say goodbye to an item that has been in your home for a long time, Bel Furniture has several excellent couch and furniture options. You can discover your options below.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Space Saving Furniture

storage bed
No matter what type of home you live in, space saving furniture allows you to decorate your home in a way you’ll love while also tastefully clearing your home of excess clutter. This combination of fashion and functionality can easily be implemented into your household, no matter what your personal tastes are. At Bel Furniture, we have compiled a helpful list of creative items that look great and keep your rooms tidy.

Storage Beds

No matter what size of mattress you prefer, there is a storage bed that is available for your needs. These beds typically have drawers built directly into them, allowing them to act as both a sturdy bed frame and as a dresser or nightstand. These are perfect for holding items such as nighttime wears, extra linens, or books. The number of drawers depends on the model you choose and the size of the bed you have, so you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you need. Check out this beautiful queen storage bed that we have available at Bel Furniture. If you are looking for a bed for the younger members of your family, you may want to take a look at this adorable twin-sized lofted storage bed. The possibilities are endless!

Sofa Beds

Another option for space-saving beds is to purchase a sofa bed. Converting from a couch to a twin or full-size bed, sofa beds are the perfect solution for individuals who live in a small space but want to offer their guests a comfortable place to sleep. If you don’t have a guest room in your home, or if you expect to entertain a large number of guests, replacing your couch in the living room with a sofa bed will offer your guests a comfortable place to stay without taking up much extra space. Even if you do have a guest bedroom, there are many other reasons to purchase a sofa bed. Sleepovers for the kids become much easier when there is another bed to sleep on. Movie nights can also become much more comfortable if you choose to turn the couch into an extra bed. Take a look at this klik klak sofa bed available in gray and brown.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are the ultimate space-saving beds. They allow you to pull your bed down from the wall when you need to go to sleep, and then simply place it back into the wall when you need to get up in the morning. While they require extra effort to install into your home, they can be a great addition to a kid’s room or a guest room.

Extendable Dining Tables

If you regularly enjoy hosting dinner parties or otherwise like having a large dining room table but also wish to save floor space, you may consider investing in an extendable dining table. Extendable dining sets are an easy way to give you more room in your dining room. They’re able to be changed from seating three to four individuals to up to ten depending on the model and how much room you want them to be. Extending the table is relatively easy and can be done in less than a minute.

Storage Coffee Tables

Clear clutter out of your living room with storage coffee tables. These innovative tables come in a multitude of different styles that allow for extra storage space. The first style that storage coffee tables come in is a coffee table that has shelves built within it. If you choose this option, be aware that the items you’re storing are going to be visible to those who are in the room with you. If you have items that you don’t wish to be displayed, you may instead want to consider the coffee tables with a lid that can be lifted. These tables generally have more storage space and their items are concealed by the lid of the table. If you don’t need as much storage or don’t want a coffee table, consider getting a storage side table that offers the same usefulness but on a smaller scale. Storage side tables are nice as they can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and anywhere else you may need extra space. We love this rustic storage coffee table.

Benches with Shoe Storage

One of the best spots to save space is right when you walk in your home. Adding a bench with shoe storage to your entryway is the perfect way to keep your entryway looking clean while storing your shoes. This dual-functioning piece of furniture allows you to sit down to remove your shoes before simply placing them into storage until the next time you leave the home. They also provide you a place to store other items that you don’t want to bring all the way into your home.

Console Tables

Another way to clear out space in your entryway is by investing in a console table. Console tables give you storage space immediately upon walking into your home while not taking up very much space. Depending on the size and the design of the piece, you can place everything from umbrellas and purses to large coats and other outerwear onto them.

At Bel Furniture, we are dedicated to offering you the best in home decor. Stop by one of our thirteen locations today and we will help you find space saving furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Shop with us today!

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Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Between the hustle and bustle of family coming into town, preparing a feast for loved ones, and the seemingly never-ending festivities, the holidays may be the busiest time of the year. After spending all day preparing and celebrating, you want to make sure that you’re able to rest and recharge for the next day’s activities — and what better way to recharge than with an excellent mattress? At Bel Furniture, we recognize that in order to find the most comfortable mattress, our customers must pay attention to what position they sleep in. Listed below is a guide to help you find the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

Why Sleep on Your Stomach?


You may be reading this and thinking, “I don’t sleep on my stomach.” You’re not alone. Stomach sleeping is the least common sleeping position among adults, but it should be more popular. Sleeping on your stomach is one of the easiest ways to combat the symptoms of sleep apnea and may reduce snoring throughout the night. For those who wake up frequently in the night, sleeping on your stomach can also alleviate some of the pressure that forces the body to leave REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. When lying in bed tonight, consider laying on your stomach and finding a way to get comfortable. If you find yourself struggling, you may simply not have a mattress that is well-suited to stomach sleeping.

What Should I be Looking For in a Mattress?


Because sleeping on your stomach is one of the least common sleeping positions, it may be difficult to find a mattress that allows you to be completely comfortable as you fall asleep at night. Listed below are some of the features that you should pay close attention to when purchasing a new mattress.


Mattress density, otherwise known as foam density, is a measurement of the weight of the foam per volume. In other words, it refers to how solid and heavy a mattress is. Some people are under the misconception that the higher the density, the harder it feels, but this is not necessarily the case. With the correct combination of thickness and materials, good-quality foam mattresses will be comfortable at every density level.

For stomach sleepers, high-density foam, firm mattresses are ideal. They provide the proper support you need while not allowing your body to sink too low into the mattress, which could potentially cause soreness and breathing issues. Look for high-quality, high-density foam mattresses and you will be as comfortable as possible as you sleep on your stomach.


While some people believe that density and thickness are the same, this is not the case. Mattress thickness refers to how much total material is in the mattress itself. While most mattresses are between 8-12 inches in thickness, there are some that are up to 16-18 inches! The thicker the mattress, the more support you will have.

Stomach sleepers need more thickness in their mattresses than back or side sleepers because that sleeping position has you resting the weight of your body on top of many of your vital organs. A thicker mattress will ensure that the cushioning is secure — preventing soreness and pain when you wake up in the morning. Be sure that you get a mattress that is at least 10 inches thick, and you may even want to go up to 15 inches if you are on the heavier side.


There are many different materials that go into the construction of a bed. The most important material is, of course, the foam. Foam is a soft, movement-absorbing material that allows the body to regulate temperature and relieve pressure points. Some of the most common types of foam that you will find in mattresses include rebounded foam, polyurethane foam, memory foam, and gel memory foam. Depending on which type of mattress you purchase, you may find your bed to be made of wool, cotton, or steel coils as well.

When looking for the best mattress for stomach sleepers, you should pay close attention to the materials that go into the mattress. When it comes to foam, we highly recommend memory foam or a memory foam mixture. A memory foam mattress allows you to properly cushion your body while giving you enough support that you don’t wake up with soreness. Wool is not the greatest material for stomach sleepers, as they tend to overheat during the night. Opt instead for mattresses that utilize cotton, as cotton is a more breathable material that will allow your body to more effectively regulate its temperature. Hybrid mattresses are also an excellent choice for stomach sleepers, as they combine both springs and foam to give you the ultimate nights’ rest.

Which Mattress Should I Buy?

Restonic Kendall Supreme ExtraFirm Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress offers high-density comfort that is perfect for stomach sleepers. With both inner springs and plush foams, this mattress gives you the perfect combination of density and thickness to offer you the best sleep. Equalizing pressure across the entire body and a resilient, durable center support allow your mattress to go years without sagging. The Airflow™ border and Isotemp® memory foam work together to regulate your body temperature as you sleep, never letting you get too hot. For the best price on this mattress, look no further than Bel Furniture.

Sealy Upbeat Conform GelFoam Mattress

Bel Furniture is also proud to carry Sealy mattresses. This Sealy mattress in particular is wonderful for stomach sleepers. By utilizing a zoned, chill gel memory foam, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of memory foam without overheating during the night. The foam within the mattress is all gel, giving you the comfort that you deserve while retaining firmness levels that are perfect for sleeping on your stomach. Even the covers have moisture-wicking abilities that allow you to stay cool during the night. All of this is on sale for less than $600 — a real steal!

Stearns & Foster Scarborough UF Mattress

For those who want the best sleep that a mattress can offer, look no further than this beautiful mattress from Stearns & Foster. Crafted by specially trained builders using the best materials and the highest standards, this bed is a must-have for stomach sleepers. This hybrid bed offers multiple types of gel foam to keep you cool and comfortable, as well as an exclusive pocketed coil design that adapts to your size, shape, and weight for the ultimate, individualized comfort. Plus you won’t find it at a lower price than Bel Furniture!
As the holidays approach, we want to make sure that our customers stay well-rested — regardless of what position they sleep in. Check out our entire selection of mattresses and pick yours up today at one of Bel Furniture’s many locations in Texas. Better sleep starts at Bel.

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Bel Black Friday 2018 | Black Friday Furniture Deals

black friday furniture deals
Are YOU ready for Black Friday furniture deals at Bel? With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to redecorate your home! Join us for unbeataBEL savings on dining room, living room, and bedroom sets as well as accessories, kids furniture and mattresses!

Giveaways will be happening ALL DAY on November 23rd and include:
  • FREE $100 gift card to the first 50 families at ALL 13 locations
  • FREE bedroom set at 10 am
  • FREE dining room set at noon
  • FREE living room set at 2 pm
  • FREE queen mattress set at 4 pm
Whether you are looking to find a new look for your entire home or simply a table and chairs for your family to gather around this season, Bel Furniture has the best Black Friday deals in Texas! Doors open at 5 am on November 23rd and the sale lasts ALL WEEKEND LONG. Stop in to your nearest Bel Furniture location this Black Friday for unbelievaBEL savings!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How to Measure a Lamp Shade and Find the Perfect Lamp for Your Room

While lamps are a necessity for almost every room of your home, it can be difficult to figure out what kind of lamp or what size lamp shade will fit your needs. The wrong height or diameter can make a room look awkward, unsettled, or haphazardly put together. At Bel Furniture, we carry lamps of all shapes and sizes, and want to help you learn how to measure a lamp shade and find the perfect lamp for every room of your house.

Step 1: Figure Out What Kind of Lamp You Need

The measurements for your lamp and lamp shade will depend on what kind of lamp you will be purchasing. In order to find the correct one, take a look around your room and decide what your needs are. If the room has an abundance of natural light pouring in, then you will probably only need a small floor lamp or a table lamp. If your room doesn’t have many windows, you may consider purchasing a floor lamp for more lighting. It’s also wise to take note of the amount of light fixtures you already have in your room. If you use overhead lighting most of the time, you probably don’t have to worry about purchasing a lamp that emanates a lot of light.

Step 2: Determine How Your Lamp Will Fit Into Your Decor

While they are certainly a functional item, lamps also give you the opportunity to play with design and make a room your own. This is why one crucial step in choosing a shade is determining how your lamp will fit into the decor of your room. Take note of the color scheme and other decorative choices that have been made prior to your decision to invest in a new lamp shade, as the style that has already been established in the room will help you make the final decision on which lamp shade to purchase.

Step 3: Finding the Correct Lamp Shade Height

Now that you have scoped out your room, you must measure the lamp shade to find the correct height. Take a tape measure and determine the height of the lamp base from the bottom of the base to the top, where the electrical socket attaches to the base. Then, find the height of the shade by measuring to the lamp harp from the top of the bottom of the socket.

If you are buying a table lamp, you want the height of the shade to be approximately 60% to 80% the height of the lamp’s base, as to not overwhelm the other objects that are placed on the same surface. The height of floor lamp shades should be between 30% to 50% of the height of the lamp base. This will ensure that you have an even distribution and balance across the entirety of your room.

Step 4: Determining the Correct Diameter for Your Lamp Shade

To measure the diameter, or width, of your lampshade, you must measure both the top diameter and the bottom diameters. While it may seem gratuitous, the lampshade should be at least two times wider than the widest part of the base. Even if this sounds like a very large lamp shade size, this will give your room a beautiful, balanced look. It is also important that the width of the lamp shade should not be as long as the height of the lamp. If the shade is tapered, then you should measure the diameter as the widest part of the shade.

Step 5: Which of the Shade Shapes and Fitters Works Best?

There are several different types of lamp shades that you should consider for your room:

  1. Spider lamp shade fitter with a lamp harp: The default shape for most lamps, a spider fitter consists of a wire frame and washer in the center of the lamp shade that sits just inside the top. Another wire frame is then attached to the lamp’s base and they are secured together with a lamp finial that screws on top 
  2. Clip-on lamp shade fitter: This wire frame sits inside the lamp shade and attaches directly to the lamp bulb. It doesn’t involve any extra hardware as it fits together with the correct size and shape of light bulb.
  3. UNO Lamp Shade Fitter: This option slips onto the light bulb socket to hold up the lamp shade. In certain shapes, the frame has a threaded washer that screws onto the socket. Because they are more size-specific than other fitters, they require extra effort into finding a replacement when the time comes.

At Bel Furniture, we work hard to give you a home to love. Check us out online or stop into your nearest store to day and learn how we can help you build the home of your dreams. Don’t forget to check our weekly specials page to learn how you can save up to 80% on living room sets, dining room decor, bedroom furniture, and more.

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Fall Decor Ideas

Fall Decor Ideas

Summer is winding down and the crisp fall air has started settling in. As the season changes, you may consider refreshing your home’s style. Here are several ideas our team at Bel Furniture has to make your home unique and beautiful for autumn.

Create a Rustic Look

Autumn evokes images of pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and country fields painted with changing leaves. Bring this look into your home through different rustic furniture and accessories. Textured wood and woven pieces, decorative pumpkins and vines, and farm-style patio furniture can help give your home a country vibe that will fit perfectly with the cooling temperatures and fall celebrations.

Fill Your Home with Warm Colors

Autumn involves cozy nights spent around a fire and the change of summer green leaves into warm-colored trees. Why not make your home reflect these images? Choose paints and furniture in deep reds, oranges, and yellows to give your home a truly fall aura. Pair these colors with dark wooden furniture to create a comfortable environment that everyone will associate with beautiful fall nights.

Focus on the Dining Room

Autumn is often associated with family get-togethers, particularly Thanksgiving. This fall, give your dining room a beautiful makeover to impress everyone who comes over to enjoy the season with you. Swap out your white dishware and metallic silverware for bronze dinner plates and golden forks. For extra flair, use decorative pumpkins and wreaths as the centerpiece of your table rather than flowers or more traditional decor.

Don’t Forget The Candles

Everybody knows what autumn smells like. From pumpkin to cinnamon to campfire, the foods and activities of autumn have scents that make the season truly unique. While you can’t constantly be baking pumpkin pie or lighting a roaring fire, candles will allow you and your family to enjoy all the best smells of fall in your home all season long.
At Bel Furniture, we want to help you get ready for the fall season. During our $100 Million Sale, you can enjoy up to 80% off your favorite furniture. Shop online or stop into your nearest location today to discover all of our unbeataBEL deals.