Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Save BIG On 4th Of July

As Americans, there are few holidays as special as the 4th of July. This significant benchmark in American history will forever be revered as the day we declared our independence and established the values for one of the most prosperous countries on earth. Indeed, it’s also a day of remembrance for the countless honorable men and women who fought for and established the American dream. To help commemorate these timeless heroes and celebrate our virtuous land, we’ve slashed prices left and right during our one and only 4th Of July Sale! Look no further for the lowest prices on furnishings for the entire home! Stop by location near you or shop online to take advantage today!
Perhaps one of the greatest perks on the 4th of July is having time off to spend with your family. And one of the best ways to bring the family together is with a long and inviting dining room table. Get this gorgeous traditional style 9 Pc Dining Room Table Set for ONLY $1,898.78 during our current sale! Featured with quality hardwoods and veneer construction as well as two extension leaves, this highly versatile table will prove to be a worthy centerpiece of your home. And can you believe it was once priced at a whopping $2,499.99? What a deal!
And speaking of great deals, you’ll experience the true comforts of saving money with this 3 Pc Living Room Set by Sara Collection. These casual contemporary furnishings have some of the plushest cushions in our entire stock. Handcrafted with a hardwood frame, feel rest assured you’ll continue to love this set for years to come. And perhaps its greatest feature is the FREE CHAIR it comes with! Once listed at a staggering $1,299.99, you can NOW take it home for ONLY $747.71!
Of course, your home wouldn’t be complete without a proper bedroom to rest your head. This rustic homestyle 6 Pc Queen Bedroom Set is the perfect place to unwind, and you’ll rest even easier when you realize you ONLY had to pay $698.97 compared to $1,099.99! Featured with a softy washed surface and black accents, this contemporary set is not only versatile with several decor designs, it also comes with a FREE 5 DRAWER CHEST! Who could pass up savings like this?

This July 4th, enjoy the comforts of freedom and the epic deals that come with it during our 4th Of July Sale! Stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online because it’s not just a celebration of our independence, it’s a celebration of savings! Indeed, God bless this glorious country, but hurry in quick, these low prices will be gone before you know it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Memorial Day Sale

To honor the brave men and women of the United States armed forces, we’re rolling out some of the best deals of the year for our Memorial Day Sale! It’s a small token of our gratitude for these selfless individuals who fight, or who have fought, for our freedom! To take advantage of these exclusive deals, stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online, because these super savings won’t last for long!
Enjoy the freedom of comfort with this gorgeous contemporary style 2 Piece upholstered sofa, which includes a FREE ottoman! Covered in a soft yet durable rich chocolate microfiber cover, this handcrafted sofa features a well-crafted hardwood frame and plush cushions. Once priced at a staggering $531.99, you can NOW make it yours for ONLY $388.99!
There’s a place for everyone to curl up or stretch out on this contemporary extra wide 6 Piece Motion Sectional from Sara Collection! Featured with an ultra plush dark chocolate cover, this sectional has one of a kind dual recliners with solid metal mechanics as well as a storage console with a lifting arm rest. Prior to our sale, this motion sectional went for a meaty $1,995.99, but NOW we’ve cut it down to a lean $1,399.91 during our Memorial Day Sale!
Your bedroom should always be the comfiest place in your home. It’s a personal space we all cherish deeply and grants us that much needed recharge to take on the day. Luckily, during our current super sale, you can find your rest at a fraction of the price with this elegant 6 Piece King Bedroom Set! Crafted with a hardwood frame, this set includes a tufted headboard/footboard sleigh bed, a marble topped dresser, landscape mirror, and a matching nightstand. Sleep like a king, but without the royalty prices! Once listed at a whopping $2,295.99, you can make it yours for ONLY $1,675.55!
If you prefer a more contemporary approach, look no further than this beautiful 6 Piece King Bedroom Set from Mollai Collections! Complete with a padded black leatherette on the headboard, this hardwood furnishing features convenient storage drawers below as well as a light espresso finish. Although, perhaps its most compelling feature is its price! Once listed at $1,237.99, you can make this lavish addition yours for ONLY $871.72!

There’s no better way to celebrate the comforts of American freedom than in your own home. Stop by Bel Furniture to get high quality at the lowest price possible. Although, if you wish to save even MORE, check out our Memorial Day Sale going on now! And don’t forget, you can shop in the comfort of your own home with our convenient online store! God bless America, and God bless American troops!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Memorial Day Photo Contest

Heroes come in many forms, but for many of us, heroes are the men and women who serve in the United States armed forces. Whether they’re in the marines, navy, air force, or coast guard, they’ve all played their part and sacrificed a great deal to help keep America safe and prosperous. And to honor these great heroes, we’ve decided to unveil one of our biggest giveaways of the year with our Memorial Day Photo Contest! By entering our contest, you could WIN a 2 Piece ‪‎Sectional‬, a 5 Piece ‎Dining Room‬ Set, a Sealy Hawkes Queen ‪‎Mattress‬ Set, and a 6 Pc Queen ‪‎Bedroom‬ Set, which includes a ‪‎FREE‬ chest! Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll be on your way to having a comfier living space!
Step One

The first step to getting the furniture of your dreams is to grab your camera! Simply snap a picture of your beloved family hero who has served or currently serves in the United States armed forces. Whether it’s a photo of your beloved son or daughter who is serving across seas, or your veteran husband of 35 years, they all played a part in maintaining this country’s freedom. This also includes the family heroes who have passed away during or after their service. Their hard won sacrifices are a testament to this great nation’s vigilance.

Step Two

Now that you have a photo of your family military hero, it’s time to let the whole world share your love for them! Simply submit your photo in our easy to use entry form, and then write a heartfelt caption of why they’re your hero! Whether it’s because of a family bond, or they inspired you to reach your fullest potential, there are many ways these great men and women have touched our lives
Step Three

After you’ve submitted your special photo and caption, it’s time to do a little leg work! Tell your friends and family to vote on your submission through our Memorial Day Photo Contest Facebook page. Tell everyone to vote and show support for your beloved hero! This is your key to success, because the submission with the most votes—wins!

But remember, this contest ends on Monday, May 30th at 11:59pm, and right now there’s no better time to get the word out, because our 16th Anniversary Sale is going strong! Stop by a Bel Furniture near you to take advantage of these incredible deals! So without further ado, get out your camera and show us your hero!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

16th Year Anniversary Sale

At Bel Furniture, nothing prides us more than to deliver quality products as well as exceptional service to all of our customers. And we are truly overjoyed to have been given the opportunity to share our passion of home furnishings with you for over 16 years! That’s right, 16 long years. And to show our gratitude, we’d like to give back to the people that made it all possible--you! To help celebrate this monumental milestone, we’d like to invite to you to one of our biggest sales of the year, our 16th Year Anniversary Sale! Stop by a showroom near you or shop online to take advantage of these landmark savings!

The dining room table is truly the centerpiece of your home, this is why we’ve slashed the price on this traditional and elegant style 7 Piece Dining Set! Imagine the family gathering around this finely crafted and rich cherry finished hardwood table. It includes two 15” leaves, a finely carved pedestal base, as well as six fully padded chairs for exceptional comfort.

 Although, if you prefer a more intimate dining room set, look no further than this rustic style 6 Piece Height Dinette Set by Mollai Collections. Finely lacquered with a crisp walnut finish, this will prove to be the perfect home-style furnishing you’ve been looking for to complete your sweet southern home. It includes a storage base, vinyl top cover, and casual casual country style seating to fully accent this unique and charming style.

Speaking of comfort, this 3 Piece Motion Sectional is the perfect way to make your living room the go-to spot for family fun! Upholstered with a plush and rich chocolate cover, this versatile sectional includes a dual reclining loveseat ends, padded armrest cupholders, as well as a center console that can lift up to reveal a convenient storage space.

Sometimes we need to perfect place to relax with our friends and family while we experience the movies, shows, and video games we love. Sometime we need proper event seating like this 3 Piece Home Theater Set by Sara Collection. Expertly crafted in a sleek contemporary style, this furnishing features a hardwood frame and three built-in recliners for maximum comfort and convenience. Have the best seat in the house with the quality and great prices Bel ensures!

Nothing thrills us more than to have the opportunity to bring great folks like you the deals and discounts you deserve, and there’s no better way to show our gratitude than by slashing prices on all your favorite brands. But keep in mind, this celebration won’t last for long, stop by a showroom near you or shop online to take advantage today!


Monday, April 11, 2016

How To Pet-Proof Your Home

There’s nothing quite like the company of a furry little friend. Full of energy, spontaneity, and unconditional love, our pets can truly turn a house into a heartwarming home of comforts. Yet, if not watched properly, these little bundles of joy can turn into little bundles of trouble. This is why it’s important to take certain safety precautions when preparing your home for cuddly creatures. In doing so, you will not only protect your huggable buddy, you’ll help ensure the safety of your entire family. So, with further ado, here are a few tricks and tips to keep your precious paws safe! 

Living Room

For many of us, when it comes to our homes, the living room is the place where the bulk of our time is spent, and it’s certainly no different for our lovable pets. It’s a place to stretch, run, and even snuggle while the family enjoys their favorite movie. Yet, while the living room may offer several wide spaces for your pet to play and relax, it can also expose them to a variety dangers. To help keep your living room pet-friendly, here are a few pointers to consider:

  1. Make sure all electrical wires are out of reach.
  2. Ensure that all heating/cooling vents are properly covered.
  3. Keep all toys or small objects stored away.
  4. Check all cracks and crevices for dangerous choking hazards.
  5. Put away all crafting or sewing supplies, especially strings or threads of any kind.

Sometimes our four-legged friends might wander into the kitchen. In fact, since it’s the primary place where food is cooked and stored, we know they will! Full of goodies and treats to get their paws on, it’s also the place where they’re most likely to become mischievous! To help keep your furry little ninja safe, here are a few precautions to take:

  1. Keep all food out of reach.
  2. Make sure trash cans have a lid, and are securely closed.
  3. Ensure that all cabinets are fitted with childproof latches.
  4. Secure all cleaning supplies and chemicals behind locked cabinets.
  5. When cooking, do not leave hot pots and pans unattended.


Home certainly wouldn’t be the same without a soft and relaxing bed. It’s a place to quiet your mind, rest your bones, and find that much needed rejuvenation to take on the day. Indeed, the bedroom, as well as the restroom, are essential to our daily routines. Yet, as important as they may be, it’s crucial to be aware of the dangers that might arise when precious paws are near. Here are a few things to look out for when introducing a new or existing pet to these parts of the house:

  1. Make sure that all laundry items (especially shoe strings) are properly stored away.
  2. Always check your closets before closing to ensure a pet won’t be locked in.
  3. Remove all electrical wires from your pet’s reach.
  4. In the restroom, ensure that all medications, chemicals, or harmful items are locked away.
  5. Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent them harm from possible cleaning solutions.
Our pets will always hold a special place in our hearts. Through good times and bad, they’ve embraced us with unconditional love. This is why it’s important to ensure their safety through simple household precautions. And if you want to enjoy the comforts of your pet even more, stop by a Bel Furniture showroom near you, or shop online to find the hottest deals on home furnishings!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived! Full of bright colors, blooming flowers, and a rejuvenating spirit that seems inspire us all. It’s also the time of year where we rid ourselves of all the dust bunnies and clutter that seem to accumulate over the fall and winter months. Yes, indeed, there’s nothing quite like some good ol’ spring cleaning to help organize your home and clear your mind. It’s good for your health, your home, and can help promote peace and harmony, because there’s nothing better than a clean home to help you feel comfortable and centered. Although, it can be be quite an overwhelming task at times, this is why we’ve come up with a few helpful tips to get you in the mood for this year’s cleaning season!  

Organize Your Closets

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it really can’t be stressed enough--organization is key. Especially when it comes to your closets. Many times we forget about our closets because, well, they’re closets, and it’s easy to overlook an area that is behind closed doors most of the time. Although, it’s important to not underestimate how much we use them throughout our daily routine. Make sure to rid your closets of unused clothing and accessories to allow further accessibility. It’s also very helpful to organize your clothing by color to further promote a more efficient morning routine. By keeping your closets well organized, you can help your days run smoother and prevent you from feeling scattered or disorderly.

Clean The Easily Forgotten

This tip encompasses all those little filth-ridden areas you might of put off cleaning throughout the fall and winter months. Whether it’s the grout between the tiles, the hard to reach dusty places, or even the fine china that could use rub down, these are all the minor places we might forget to clean on a regular basis. You should start by making a list of all the possible areas that might need a little loving, then focus on one room at a time. These may seem like trivial odd jobs at first, but you’d be surprised of how all these little things can add up to make a noticeable difference.

Create A Different Mood

Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be about clearing out some winter-time clutter, it can be a great opportunity to bring in a fresh new look for your home! Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit; reposition the furniture, layout some wallpaper, or even consider getting that new bedroom set you’ve always dreamed about, either way, this should be the time of year to reimagine your home! Having all your furniture and accessories stay in the same place all the time may eventually leave your family feeling drab or stagnant. By mixing things up every once and awhile, you can introduce a fresh and healthy vibe throughout the year.

Spring cleaning cannot only promote a well-balanced environment, it can help you fall in love with your home all over again. And when it comes to giving your living space a little T.L.C., nobody transforms your home better than the quality and comfy furnishings of Bel Furniture. Stop by a showroom near you, or shop online to take advantage of the exclusive low prices during our $100 Million Sale & Clearance. So without further ado, let’s get to cleaning!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Your Executive Suite Awaits

What would a home be without an office? It’s a place where we can find a unique kind of peace and comfort to work on the things that matter. Having an office promotes a productive lifestyle and can offer a healthy environment for you and your children to learn. At Bel Furniture, we understand this more than anyone, this is why we offer high quality office furnishings at the lowest price possible. And if you’re looking to save even more money, stop by during our $100 Million Sale & Clearance going on now! Just shop online or tour a showroom near you to find your favorite furniture brands at a fraction of the cost.
If you’re looking to maximize your potential while increasing productivity in the most stylish way possible, look no further than an elegantly crafted Office Desk by Mollai Collections. This hardwood furnishing features timeless classical curves, locking file drawers, and a deep cherry color finish. Make this fine work of craftsmanship yours for only $557.60, but keep in mind it’s temporarily been marked down from $697.99, so hurry in today to take advantage of this extraordinary deal! Or perhaps a more minimalistic approach will help get those creative juices flowing. 

Consider this sturdy Desk and Chair Set for your next big project. Made in the simplistic contemporary style, this home computer desk is everything you need to get that cutting edge in the business world. Once priced at a staggering $248.99, you can make this your new home addition for ONLY $198.41.
Although, what’s a perfect desk without a perfect chair? A good office chair gives you an authoritative presence that can help you make a lasting impression amongst your peers. Plus, nothing feels better than a well crafted office chair. They’re comfortable, durable, and help support a constructive lifestyle! To help you achieve that perfect balance of productivity, try out this sleek and professional Office Chair by Sara Collection. This formal and traditional style features button tufted cushions along with brass nail trims to give a sleek and elegant appearance. Although, perhaps its best feature, is its price! Once listed at $247.99, you can NOW bring home this classy home furnishing for a meager $198.31! 
And of course, a home office would hardly be complete without a proper Bookcase. Made of veneer construction, this finely crafted accessory features carved shell patterned embellishments as well as a fluted pilaster trim, making it a must have for any business professional. Take it home today for ONLY $544.50! Considering it was once priced at $680.99, it’s nearly a steal!
Everyone needs a proper place to focus and work on the things that gives us purpose. This is why we pride ourselves in providing the lowest prices possible for good quality furniture that you can rely on. To make the most out of your home and office, stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online! Plus, there’s never been a better time to shop because our $100 Million Sale & Clearance is offering some of the best furniture buys in town. Stop by today and experience the savings!