Thursday, September 29, 2016

Decoration Ideas To Fall In Love With

It’s that time again. A time of brisk weather, crinkly leaves, and pumpkin spice. Yes, indeed, fall has officially arrived, and with it comes a whole plethora of decorating possibilities to further enrich your home. To help get you in the autumn mood, we’ve come up with a few stylish decorations to celebrate this special time of year. At Bel Furniture, we don’t just believe in offering affordable furniture in great Texas cities like Houston and San Antonio, we want your home to be a reflection of your personality.
Make A Wreath

A fall-themed wreath is possibly the single most important autumn decoration a home can have. It’s the first decoration to welcome your guests and can deliver a festive experience for every neighbor that passes by. To make this seasonal decoration, start by going to your local craft store and purchasing a grapevine wreath. Next, gather several small pumpkins (consider using white ones to offer a significant contrast to the rest of the wreath). You will also need some seasonal greenery such as smilax or spider mums. Once gathered, begin crafting your wreath by attaching the pumpkins with florist picks and then digging them into the wreath. You can do the same with the seasonal greenery. For a more balanced appearance, make sure to space the pumpkins and greenery out evenly.
Decorate The Entryway
A great way to offer a pleasant experience for you and your guests is to decorate an entryway furnishing in your foyer. This works best on some kind of table or accent piece. Begin by collecting or purchasing various fall colored leaves, branches, and seasonal gourds. Try to have a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures for an even more vibrant display. Once gathered, purchase a couple of large glass cloches to give off a rustic display. Next, arrange the decor as you please on your entryway table. Gourds of alternating colors work nicely underneath the cloches. After you find that perfect layout, consider peppering your display with a few loose leaves to tie it all together.
Make Fall A Centerpiece
A great fall-themed centerpiece can offer a pleasant aura for your home and dining room. They’re also a great way to show off your autumn style to loved ones and dinner guests. First, you should begin by placing a large oval platter or bowl in the middle of your table. Next, either carve out the top and innards of a medium-sized pumpkin or purchase a lifelike pumpkin from your local craft store. Although, if you get a faux pumpkin, make sure the top is removable. Once acquired, feel free to place several fall-themed floral arrangements within your hollowed out pumpkin. Place the arrangement in the middle of the bowl/platter and then fill in the empty space with smaller pumpkins, seasonal gourds, and fall-themed vegetables such as radishes or eggplants.

Without a doubt, the fall season can offer a great deal of inspiration for your home decor. With its comforting themes and aesthetically pleasing natural colors, it’s no surprise this season remains a favored time of year for countless individuals. Celebrate autumn even further with our unbeatable savings on home furnishings. With our current $100 Million Sale & Clearance, you can save up to 80% on select products! Savings like this will get anyone in the fall mood! Stop by a location near you or shop online to experience the deals of a lifetime.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

3 Ways To Make An Overnight Guest Feel Right At Home

It can be difficult to make your guests feel right at home. After all, it isn’t their home. It can be even more difficult when having a guest over for the night. But there are many different ways to promote a welcoming and comfortable environment for your guests. Sometimes it’s as easy as providing a fresh towel or a pleasant fragrance for their room. Although, other methods may be a little less obvious. So, without further ado, here are three ways to help your overnight guest feel all warm and fuzzy inside during their overnight stay.
Clean The House
This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to help your guest feel comfortable. Nothing is less welcoming than a house full of clutter and piles of dishes in the kitchen. Not only does it make you look disorganized, it may give your guests an underlying sense of anxiety due to an unbalanced environment. It’s also crucial that the bedroom, as well as the restroom, get a thorough cleaning. These are the places your guest will have alone time, and it’s important to promote positive energy through clean and well-organized surroundings.
Upgrade The Bed They’ll Sleep In
Aside from putting on clean sheets and pillowcases, you should consider offering various types of bed covers, blankets, or pillows since people often have different comfort preferences. Although, perhaps the most crucial aspect you must be aware of is the condition of the mattress they will sleep on. Old mattresses can cause sleeplessness, aches, as well allergy reactions due to excessive hidden dust that may have accumulated over time.
Provide Drinks & Snacks
Sometimes a few complimentary drinks and snacks can make all the difference during guest’s overnight stay. After all, we know how restless one can get when experiencing hunger. If you don’t know their drink and/or snack preference, give them a wide variety of possible choices. If you don’t mind possible spills or crumbs, consider providing a few of them in their bedroom since some guests are too shy to indulge in front of others.

These are just a few of the many ways you can make your guests feel right at home. But a home shouldn’t just be comfortable for guests, it should be a relaxing environment for you, too. To maximize your overall comfort, stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online to get the lowest possible prices on all your favorite furniture brands. There’s never been a better time to shop than during our $100 Million Sale & Clearance! Get up to 80% off on select furnishings throughout our entire store! Also, check out our informative blog on the most common decorating mistakes to help your guests have an even more pleasant stay!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How To Maximize Your Space And Prevent Hoarding

Throughout your lifetime, you’ll encounter a lot of stuff. Sometimes it’s small stuff, sometimes it’s big stuff, and sometimes it’s stuff you decide to take home. Over time, this stuff accumulates. Whether because it’s sentimental or functional (or even semi-functional), you try your best to justify WHY you must keep this stuff or that stuff. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by clutter. Don’t worry, It happens to the best of us, and, luckily, there are various solutions on how to maximize your living space and kick that clutter to the curb!
Donate Your Unused Clothes

Clothes, clothes, clothes. Wear ‘em, wash ‘em, or hand ‘em down, these items are essential to our daily lives. Unfortunately, they also accumulate easily due to growth, new trends, or other personal reasons. One way to keep your wardrobe from getting out of hand is to donate your gently used clothing. Whether it’s to Goodwill or a charitable organization, donating will help get clothing to those who need it most while giving you a bit of elbow room in your closet.
Purge The Closet Clutter

Let’s face it, closets have become the new atticespecially when your attic is at capacity. Whether it’s from the clothes, the off-season decorations, or the endless stack of board games, our closets often become a black hole for all the stuff that won’t or can’t be displayed throughout the rest of the home. Luckily, there’s an easy solution, but it’s not pretty. A purge must occur. To maximize your closet space, we recommend taking all of the items out and going through them one by one and asking yourself two simple questions, “Have I used this in the past year,” and “Will I use this within the coming year?” If the answers are both “No,” you might consider kicking it to the curb.
Put A Lid On It

Sometimes it’s not about the amount of stuff you have but the way you store it. To help organize your items and give you a little walking space, we highly recommend utilizing a wide variety storage bins. Storage bins have come a long way in the year 2016. They make them in all different shapes and sizes and are designed to stack, slide, or hang anywhere you desire. Instead of cramming those off-season decorations in an intrusive and unsightly cardboard box, consider utilizing a sleek, new storage bin that will slide easily under your bed or clothing rack.

One thing is for sure, people love their stuff. But no matter your personal preference for stuff, it’s important to take an inventory every now and again to discern whether or not you actually need it. It’s not just about clearing space, it’s about promoting a healthy and balanced environment within that space. Although, if you’re looking to fill your space with the most stylish furnishing under the sun, stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online to experience our unbeatable low prices! And if you hurry in now, you can experience even MORE savings during our Labor Day Sale! For the most affordable furniture in Houston or San Antonio, choose Bel Furniture! Also, for more insights about home organization, check out our other blog on Feng Shui!

Monday, August 29, 2016

3 Most Common Decorating Mistakes

We’ve all been therethat moment when a guest sat down in your newly decorated living room and offered a polite but stale smile. Perhaps they half-heartedly said, “I love what you’ve done with the place,” but we all know the truthyour decor is horrendous. But that’s okay. In fact, it might not be the decor itself, it can simply be the way it’s arranged. We all make mistakes, but the first step in reversing these mishaps is to recognize that there is one. To help you with this process, here are three of the most common decorating blunders. And remember, nobody knows more about stylish home decor than Bel Furniture. Shop online or find a showroom near you to get your hands on Houston’s most sleek and affordable furniture!
Everything Must Match

Mistake number one is thinking that home decor is exactly like fashion wear. Not everything needs to match. Complementary colors here and there can certainly be appealing, but when every object and furnishings blatantly color matches from the ceiling to the floor, it can be a bit tacky. Instead, try to match your decor by style rather than color. Express your personal tastes by arranging unique furnishings and decor. The result is a dynamic and refreshing experience for you and your guests.

Mixing Proportions

Whether you realize it or not, size matters. Well, concerning furnishings it does. When your guests walk into a room and see a myriad of various sized decor, it can be quite distracting. Not to say that your decor cannot show slight variation, but when a large recliner rests next to a delicate side table, it can be an eyesore. Everything in a room should be relative in size. This will not only give a sense of balance, it will keep certain decor from outshining others.
Too Much Stuff

It’s easy to get caught up in the things we love. Sometimes when we find our own personal style, we end up exploiting it to the max by overstuffing a room with excessive furnishings and decor. Let the room breathe. You’re doing yourself a major disservice by overcrowding a room. In fact, most of the time this mistake can completely reverse the look and feel you’re going for. By adding in limited and tasteful accents of your style, you’ll promote a more pleasant and harmonious environment.

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t professional interior decorators, but we can make a significant impact on our living space by adhering to a few helpful guidelines. Of course, the best way to get the most out of your home is to first find the perfect furniture. For the lowest prices in Houston and San Antonio, stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online to experience our once-in-a-lifetime deals. Also, check out our other blog on Feng Shui to further personalize your living space!

Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Home

We’ve all felt it. That frustrating moment when you come home from a long day of work to find your place cluttered and disorganized. Or perhaps there was a time when you felt claustrophobic and had to step outside for a bit. These moments of upset may be caused by a lack of feng shui in your home. But what is feng shui? Originating in China, feng shui is a series of guidelines that govern certain spatial arrangements to help promote positive energy. In short, it’s a great way to arrange your home to help you feel less cluttered throughout your day-to-day life. Understanding the principles of feng shui may be difficult at first, but here’s a few quick and easy tips to bring a little positive energy to your home. And remember, Bel Furniture has always promoted a strong sense of feng shui. Stop by today at a location near you or shop online to achieve a happy and healthier home.
Arranging The Living Room
When switching to a more feng shui friendly home, it’s imperative to arrange your living room in a more well-balanced manner. Since this is where your guests will spend most of their time, you should arrange the furniture so that it promotes conversation. The last thing you want is the seating to be spread out across the room. Ideally, the sofa should be push up against a sturdy wall. If this can’t be achieved, consider hanging a mirror across from the sofa so you can see behind you. This will help you feel more secure and control of your surroundings. And finally, make sure there is a clear walkway through the living room so you never have to divert from your path.
The Dining Room
First and foremost, when arranging the dining room with feng shui guidelines in mind, it’s best to choose a table that is neither too big or too small for the room. You don’t want your guests to feel crowded, nor do you want them to feel unbalanced with a tiny table and volumes of space around them. Try to find a healthy medium between these two extremes. As a starting point, choose a table in which a person can easily pass behind someone else who is seated. Also, dining room tables can often become neglected with accumulated piles of mail or junk. Try to keep this area clutter-free so everyone in your home can develop a more harmonious relationship with their surroundings.
The Bedroom
Bedrooms are perhaps one of the most sacred and personal spaces in your home. So it makes sense to bring a bit more positive energy into these areas. One of the ways you can achieve this is by positioning the bed as far away from the the bedroom door as possible, while still allowing the door to be seen while laying down. This will give you a better sense of balance and security. Also, consider removing all distracting devices such as televisions or radios. The bedroom is a place of rest, and sometimes these devices can hinder this crucial daily healing.

These tips are just a few of the many ways feng shui can transform your life and home. But the first step in achieving a perfect feng shui arrangement, is to find the right furniture. Luckily, there’s never been a better time to look for these complementary furnishings because our Memorial Day Sale has just been EXTENDED! Which means there’s even more to time to save big on all your favorite brands. Stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online to take advantage today!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Save BIG On 4th Of July

As Americans, there are few holidays as special as the 4th of July. This significant benchmark in American history will forever be revered as the day we declared our independence and established the values for one of the most prosperous countries on earth. Indeed, it’s also a day of remembrance for the countless honorable men and women who fought for and established the American dream. To help commemorate these timeless heroes and celebrate our virtuous land, we’ve slashed prices left and right during our one and only 4th Of July Sale! Look no further for the lowest prices on furnishings for the entire home! Stop by location near you or shop online to take advantage today!
Perhaps one of the greatest perks on the 4th of July is having time off to spend with your family. And one of the best ways to bring the family together is with a long and inviting dining room table. Get this gorgeous traditional style 9 Pc Dining Room Table Set for ONLY $1,898.78 during our current sale! Featured with quality hardwoods and veneer construction as well as two extension leaves, this highly versatile table will prove to be a worthy centerpiece of your home. And can you believe it was once priced at a whopping $2,499.99? What a deal!
And speaking of great deals, you’ll experience the true comforts of saving money with this 3 Pc Living Room Set by Sara Collection. These casual contemporary furnishings have some of the plushest cushions in our entire stock. Handcrafted with a hardwood frame, feel rest assured you’ll continue to love this set for years to come. And perhaps its greatest feature is the FREE CHAIR it comes with! Once listed at a staggering $1,299.99, you can NOW take it home for ONLY $747.71!
Of course, your home wouldn’t be complete without a proper bedroom to rest your head. This rustic homestyle 6 Pc Queen Bedroom Set is the perfect place to unwind, and you’ll rest even easier when you realize you ONLY had to pay $698.97 compared to $1,099.99! Featured with a softy washed surface and black accents, this contemporary set is not only versatile with several decor designs, it also comes with a FREE 5 DRAWER CHEST! Who could pass up savings like this?

This July 4th, enjoy the comforts of freedom and the epic deals that come with it during our 4th Of July Sale! Stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online because it’s not just a celebration of our independence, it’s a celebration of savings! Indeed, God bless this glorious country, but hurry in quick, these low prices will be gone before you know it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Memorial Day Sale

To honor the brave men and women of the United States armed forces, we’re rolling out some of the best deals of the year for our Memorial Day Sale! It’s a small token of our gratitude for these selfless individuals who fight, or who have fought, for our freedom! To take advantage of these exclusive deals, stop by a Bel Furniture near you or shop online, because these super savings won’t last for long!
Enjoy the freedom of comfort with this gorgeous contemporary style 2 Piece upholstered sofa, which includes a FREE ottoman! Covered in a soft yet durable rich chocolate microfiber cover, this handcrafted sofa features a well-crafted hardwood frame and plush cushions. Once priced at a staggering $531.99, you can NOW make it yours for ONLY $388.99!
There’s a place for everyone to curl up or stretch out on this contemporary extra wide 6 Piece Motion Sectional from Sara Collection! Featured with an ultra plush dark chocolate cover, this sectional has one of a kind dual recliners with solid metal mechanics as well as a storage console with a lifting arm rest. Prior to our sale, this motion sectional went for a meaty $1,995.99, but NOW we’ve cut it down to a lean $1,399.91 during our Memorial Day Sale!
Your bedroom should always be the comfiest place in your home. It’s a personal space we all cherish deeply and grants us that much needed recharge to take on the day. Luckily, during our current super sale, you can find your rest at a fraction of the price with this elegant 6 Piece King Bedroom Set! Crafted with a hardwood frame, this set includes a tufted headboard/footboard sleigh bed, a marble topped dresser, landscape mirror, and a matching nightstand. Sleep like a king, but without the royalty prices! Once listed at a whopping $2,295.99, you can make it yours for ONLY $1,675.55!
If you prefer a more contemporary approach, look no further than this beautiful 6 Piece King Bedroom Set from Mollai Collections! Complete with a padded black leatherette on the headboard, this hardwood furnishing features convenient storage drawers below as well as a light espresso finish. Although, perhaps its most compelling feature is its price! Once listed at $1,237.99, you can make this lavish addition yours for ONLY $871.72!

There’s no better way to celebrate the comforts of American freedom than in your own home. Stop by Bel Furniture to get high quality at the lowest price possible. Although, if you wish to save even MORE, check out our Memorial Day Sale going on now! And don’t forget, you can shop in the comfort of your own home with our convenient online store! God bless America, and God bless American troops!