Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How To Arrange Furniture

Arrange Furniture

Have you recently moved into a new house or apartment? Are you just looking to update a room or two? No matter your situation, our associates at Bel Furniture recognize how exciting (and stressful!) decorating and redecorating may be. To make things easier, follow these simple tips and you will be the envy of your friends and family in no time at all!

Grab Your Measuring Tape

No matter which room you are decorating, make sure that you find the exact height, width, and length of the entire space. Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect sofa only to realize it doesn’t fit in its designated space. Take precise measurements of every window, wall, and wooden floor. These measurements will allow you to accurately map out your ideal layout and shop appropriately.

Find Your Purpose

Every room in the house should reflect your unique style. Give your company something to notice when they walk through the doorway. Are you creating a welcoming entryway? A fashionable space for conversation? A kitchen to show off your favorite recipes? Think of furniture as clothes for your home. Whatever your end goal is, decorate your room with furniture that expresses your personality.

Light Can Make All The Difference

No matter the furniture you purchase, the entire vibe of the room can feel off if you don’t have the right lighting. If at all possible, accentuate any natural light that may be coming in through potential windows and skylights. If the room is isolated from the outdoors, you can still play with lights in interesting ways. For a relaxed atmosphere, consider heavy lampshades and hanging Christmas lights. For a more vibrant room, you may want to invest in higher watt bulbs and strategically placed lights. Some individuals enjoy using different intensities of lights in order to emphasize different parts of the room. Remember that the main purpose of light is to bring certain items into focus and view. Find a piece of furniture or part of the room you wish to emphasize and shine your lights down!

Think About Layouts And Angles

When decorating your living abode, you can make different choices depending on the style of the room and how casual or formal you wish to be. Straight, symmetrical layouts generally give off an air of grandiosity and formality, whereas angling furniture makes the room more fun and casual. It is smart to think about your own flair and how you wish to present yourself to company when placing furniture.

At Bel Furniture, we work hard to bring you the best in home decorating tips and affordable, high quality furnishings. Come in or shop online today to save big on your favorite living room sets, dining room sets, bedroom sets, accessories and more!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Helpful Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived and that means it’s time to take on your annual spring cleaning! While many individuals are intimidated by this process, we are here to give you tips on how to most effectively refresh your home just in time for the warm weather.

Give Yourself Time

The purpose of spring cleaning is to give your home a deep clean that can be maintained throughout the rest of the year. While such a huge task may sound daunting, it is easily conquerable if you allow yourself the time to succeed. Many of us are not big fans of cleaning and will attempt to get everything done in a time span that is much too short, such as over the course of a long weekend. However, this is a surefire way to end up laying in a stressed out heap on the floor surrounded by cleaning products. Spring cleaning is called spring cleaning for a reason, and not Easter weekend cleaning! No matter the size of your home, set reasonable goals and give yourself enough time to thoroughly attend to each room.

Be Prepared

Once you have figured out which rooms you are going to clean and when, take inventory of the cleaning supplies you currently have on hand. After ascertaining what you already have, walk through each room of your home individually and take note of what it will take to clean each individual area. What tools and products will you need to thoroughly get the room in ship-shape condition? By keeping track of the different cleaning tasks that need to be accomplished, you will be able to purchase all the materials you need before getting started. Few things are more frustrating than getting into your “cleaning zone” only to be yanked out when you realize you don’t have hardwood floor cleaner!

Make It Easy For Yourself

What is important to clean first? What doesn’t get cleaned very often? Take the list of tasks you completed in the previous tip and then work your way through each item. Everything is easier when broken up into small, easily managed chores. Cleaning the huge living room doesn’t feel nearly as overwhelming when you first pick up the clutter, then clean the walls, then vacuum the floor, and so on and so forth. Before you know it, each of those tiny tasks will have led to a house that is as clean as a whistle.

Take This Time To Start Fresh

Springtime is the season of birth and blossoming. Why not apply these same standards to your home? Take the time during spring cleaning to reassess your home. Look up different styles of interior design that intrigue you, flip through different catalogues of homes, and don’t be afraid to take note of the design choices being made by your friends and family. There is no better time to say out with the old and in with the new. Your dream home is waiting for you.

Bel Furniture is proud to provide high-quality furniture at the lowest prices in Texas — during springtime and beyond! Come in this March during our 100 Million Sale and find out how you can save some serious cash on bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room sets, accessories, and beyond!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

How To Clean A Leather Couch

Leather is among the most common materials for clothing, crafting, and furnishings — and for good reason. Stylish and timeless, there is a place for leather in every style of home. While it is versatile and beautiful, many individuals have questions about the proper way to care for their leather furnishings. Even the oldest sofa can retain its life with regular semi-yearly or yearly maintenance. Follow these steps on how to clean a leather couch and you will be able to have beautiful furniture for a long time to come.

leather couch

Step 1: Remove Debris

Step one of your cleaning process will be to remove larger debris. This is absolutely essential for the vitality of your sofa. The easiest and most effective way to go about clearing the stray particles away is with a hand vacuum. If there is large debris, use the uncovered vacuum to remove theme. Once the couch is visibly clean, attach a soft brush head and go over each section of the couch carefully. Follow through on EVERY crease and fold in your piece, as even the tiniest speck of dust has the ability to scratch the leather and cause damage. Finally, after thoroughly vacuuming, wipe down the couch with a (preferably) microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Cleaning The Couch

First and foremost, you will need your cleaner. While you can buy a product specifically for this purpose, you can also easily make one. Take equal parts water and vinegar and mix them together in a small bowl (the exact amount will depend on the size of your couch.) For best results, use room temperature distilled water, as tap water may contain chemicals that would potentially be harmful to the leather. Dip a (different) microfiber cloth into your solution and wring it out until it is damp, not wet, then gently wipe down the sofa from top to bottom. Work in small sections, rinsing and wringing out the cloth regularly to avoid spreading dirt. Then using the dry microfiber cloth from earlier, dry off your sofa.

Step 3: Condition For Long-Lasting Luster

If you wish to add vibrancy back to your leather couch, consider adding conditioner to your regular cleaning routine. For the best results, mix one part white vinegar and two parts linseed or flaxseed oil. If you want to get rid of the smell of vinegar, you can also add lemon or tea tree oil to the mix. As you did when cleaning, dip a microfiber cloth into your concoction until damp and gently wipe down the couch starting from top to bottom. Rather than removing it right away, leave the conditioner overnight and then wipe it off in the morning. Now your couch will look fantastic!

Bonus: Stain Removal

Part of living in a home is the messes that everyday life bring. Whether you host a messy guest or have children running around your home, there is always a stain somewhere! Here are some tips for cleaning common stains:

Grease: When most people see a stain, their first instinct is to immediately wipe it away with water. While this may work under some conditions, that is not the case with grease. Instead, sprinkle baking soda over the stain, leave it to soak for several hours, and then remove with a dry rag.

Ink: Did your kids decide that the couch is a coloring book? No need to worry. Dip a cotton ball in a small amount of rubbing alcohol and carefully blot the ink stain. Be cautious and do not saturate the leather. With enough blotting, you should begin to notice the stain lifting. Once it is no longer visible, wipe the surface of the couch with a damp cloth and then dry the area completely with a clean, dry cloth.

Mold And Mildew: Unfortunately, sometimes we come across leather couches that have succumbed to mold or mildew. The easiest way to kill these microbes is with rubbing alcohol. As with ink, dip a cotton ball into a small amount of rubbing alcohol and blot the area until the stain disappears. If you notice that there is still mold or mildew, mix two parts vinegar and one part water and gently blot the area with a cotton swab. This acidic combination should kill the fungus and restore the piece to its original state.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Humble Grand Opening Event!

Humble Grand Opening Event

Bel Furniture is proud to announce the opening of our Humble store! As one of the fastest growing furniture retailers in Texas, we are always delighted to open new doors and feature quality furniture at the lowest price. We are your ultimate stop for decorating your bedroom, living room, dining room, and beyond!

Join us on February 3rd starting at 10 am as we celebrate our growing family with a raffle, giveaways, furniture deals, food and fun! There will be goodies for the entire family to enjoy, and we would love to see you there enjoying the day with us.

Our Humble Grand Opening will include:

  • Furniture Giveaways every half hour (including a bedroom set, a living room set, a dining set, and mattresses!)
  • $100 Gift card Giveaways to the first 200 families at the door
  • $1500 Shopping Spree Giveaway to one lucky winner
  • Face Painting
  • Food and Drinks
To help commemorate this momentous event, every Bel Furniture store will have sales running from January 30th through February 13th. Stop in to your nearest location to save big on all of your favorite home furnishings!

Our goal at Bel Furniture is to offer you the best price on the best furniture in Texas. To learn more about what makes the Bel experience great, check out our About Page. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any deals during our Humble Grand Opening and beyond. (We just may have a big contest coming up in the near future!) We can’t wait to see you in Humble on February 3rd!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Furniture Trends For 2018

 Furniture trends for 2018

Out with the 2017 and in with the 2018! Now that the champagne has been emptied and the partying is over, it’s time to prepare your home for the new looks taking over. Fashion trends change quickly and drastically, and it’s in your best interest to keep up with the times. Our team at Bel Furniture is here to help you to recognize what’s in and revolutionize your interior decoration for the new year. Listed below are some of the hottest fads for furniture in 2018.

Comfy, Minimalist Bedrooms

Serenity is essential to getting a good night’s sleep, and the easiest way to achieve this peace is through your surroundings. For 2018, get the best sleep yet with simple, comfortable bedroom decor. Loud patterns, an excess of clutter, and vivid colors can be distracting when attempting to fall asleep at night. Instead, try narrowing your furniture down to the essentials, enjoying relaxing neutral tones and soft fabrics. This snug, minimalist bedroom will create the perfect atmosphere for a full night’s sleep filled with the sweetest of dreams.

Earth Tones


Put away the bright furnishings and bring in the earth tones. In 2018, colors such as gray, deep bronze, and black are making their way into our homes. From the kitchen (say goodbye to those bright stainless steel sinks) to the living room (see you later lime green sofa,) we’re seeing a surge of calming earth tones make their way into the interior decoration scene. Whether you want to invite guests over or just take a day to yourself, earth tones are the perfect way to achieve a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Wooden Furnishings


Wood is a versatile and beautiful building material. You can use it to construct almost everything in your home. While we aren’t suggesting that you leave your home and move into a cabin constructed entirely by the surrounding trees, there is always room to incorporate a dining set or even just an end table made out of this natural substance. Lighter brown colors give a comfortable, attractive look to any room. Meanwhile, dark brown wood can give any room a look of luxury and class. However you choose to use wooden furnishings, they are sure to give any room a unique, wonderful flair.

Custom Built And Recycled Crafts


Between videos with recipes in under a minute and hundreds of DIY blogs taking over the internet, 2018 is the year for recycling and crafting your own furnishings. This is a great way to make your home stand out while also helping the earth. It may seem like an overwhelming feat at first, but building something simple like shelving to fit your room or a side table made out of a recycled basket is a fun way to create a unique look for your home. Start small and then see where you go from there. The sky is the limit!

Based out of Houston and San Antonio, Bel Furniture is your store for the best furniture deals. Stay tuned in 2018 and beyond as we give you the best in interior design tips and news. Check out some of our other blog posts for more helpful advice.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Storing Wooden Furniture In Winter

dining room set houston

Everyone knows that cold weather isn’t good for their bodies, but not everyone thinks about the damage winter can do to their furniture. In keeping with trends, you may be considering putting several of your furnishings into storage while you explore different interior decorations. However, with these dropping temperatures, you must be sure that your beautiful wooden furnishings such as this beautiful dining server and this elegant entertainment center are kept somewhere warm and dry.

What happens when wood gets too cold?

Because wood is an organic substance, it contains a certain amount of water. Even after it goes through the processes of being dried out, sanded, and varnished, there will always remain even the tiniest amount of moisture. When the weather becomes cold, the moisture inside the wood freezes and expands. Once the weather cools down again, the water will melt and contract. This back and forth between expansion and contraction causes cracks and visible wear in the surface of the furniture. The effect of water on wood is especially important to realize in southeast Texas due to the great amount of humidity in this area. Low humidity can cause cracks in the wood while high humidity may cause the wood to swell.

What storage facilities should I use?

The ideal storage space is climate-controlled and easily accessible for check-ups as well as easy placement and removal of items. If you live in a home with a heated garage or shed with extra space, these would work perfectly. While temperatures tend to fluctuate more within these establishments than your home, you still have great control over your furniture’s environment even during the coldest months of the year.  You can also rest well knowing that your furniture is only a peek away.

For those who live in apartments and smaller abodes, sometimes the only option is off-site storage. While you don’t have as much control over these facilities as your own property, there are precautions you can take to make sure your furniture is well-taken care of over the winter months. As mentioned above, be absolutely certain that the storage facilities are climate-controlled. Another aspect to consider is first floor or second floor storage. While first floor storage is more convenient, in the case of a flood or other damage done to the building, second floor storage is generally safer. On this note, most public storage facilities will offer you their insurance, sometimes aggressively. Before purchasing their insurance, check and double check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and see if off-site storage is covered, as most insurance policies do cover these amenities.

What else can I do to protect my wooden valuables?

The first step to keeping furniture safe and warm in storage happens before it leaves your home. Be sure you clean your wooden items thoroughly and wait for them to dry before saying goodbye to them for the winter. Any excess dirt or moisture can lead to cracks and warping of the wood. Next, be sure to cover your furniture in sheets or drop cloths to protect it from dirt, dust, and moisture. While plastic coverings are popular, they can ultimately lead to the onset of mold or mildew, especially during the cold season. Finally, be very careful when moving your wooden pieces to their storage spot. Wood is a sensitive material—nicks and dings occur quite easily.

At Bel Furniture, we offer you quality furniture during every season. Come check us out over the holidays to see our incredible furniture deals. With locations in Houston, San Antonio, and all over Texas, we are your one-stop shop for furnishings. To learn more about deals and tips, take a look at our other blog posts.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Minus all the gift giving stress of course. This season, we’ve compiled a list of furniture items with something for everyone to enjoy. Now you have time to take in the festive lights, the jingle bells, and the snow (okay, maybe no snow here in Houston!)

 Cherry Nightstand

Elegant nightstand on sale for $111.49
Elegant nightstand on sale for $111.49

Our first gift recommendation is this beautiful bedside piece. Nightstands are often overlooked when decorating, but they are an important article that can tie together your entire bedroom. The warm, cherry color matches well with a large variety of decor, making it an ideal gift for any member of your friends and family.

 Bar Set

bar set

Everyone has their own way to celebrate the holidays, but many of us have one factor in common: alcohol. Whether one prefers a classy pinot noir or a festive spiked eggnog, spirits are a very popular way to, well, get in the holiday spirit. Whatever adult beverage your loved ones choose to partake in, there is no doubt they would appreciate a classy way to store and serve them up this season and beyond!



 Contemporary bookcase on sale for $163.68

Almost anyone can agree that one of the most relaxing feelings in the world is curling up with a hot cocoa and reading a good book. Give someone that comfort this year with help from this beautiful bookcase. Functional and gorgeous, this piece of furniture adds class and poise to any living room or bedroom.

TV Stand

tv stand

Okay, okay. We understand that not everyone is invested in reading books in this modern age. That’s why we also have you covered for the 21st century person in your life with this one-of-a-kind TV stand! The arched shape is modern and stylish, and is sure to look good in anyone’s home just in time for the new year!

So what are you waiting for? The holidays are coming up and we have your gifts waiting! At Bel Furniture, we offer you the most affordable and highest quality furniture you can get in Texas! Stop in today and celebrate with us!