Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fall into the Autumn Mood

Well it’s that time again. A time when the sweet summer breeze rolls away and shifts to the crisp, cool cadence of Fall. It’s a time of scarfs, hot cocoa, and pumpkins—yes, pumpkins! This is a favored holiday for many people, perhaps because of the desire to bundle up and stay warm. It is a time of connection, a time when people remain indoors and keep each other company.  Our days are more cozy; filled with bedtime snuggles and fireplace crackles. Needless to say, it is a special time. At Bel Furniture, we love Fall just as much as you, and to get you in the mood for a blissful Autumn, we’ve listed a few of our favorite things about this wonderful season.

Pumpkin Everything

If you name it, it’s probably been pumpkinized. Or more specifically, pumpkin spiced. From pumpkin spiced lattes to pumpkin spiced shampoo—one thing is clear: Americans love pumpkin spice. But why is this? What is it about pumpkin spice that we love so much? Does it help us get in the Autumn mood? Or perhaps it’s the season limitation of these products, either way it has become a staple in our Fall-loving culture!


Halloween is a time to do the unconventional, and to just get plain silly. Halloween is filled with ghouls, ghost, vampires, and candy! Oh the sweet wonderful candy! It’s when we all get together and watch our most favorite scary movies or jokingly scare our friends and family. Whether you're dressing up like your favorite horror character or dancing the night away to The Monster Mash, there’s lovable spooky fun for the whole family. Halloween is an unapologetic oddball holiday, but we can’t get enough of it.


And of course, who can forget about Thanksgiving? For many of us Thanksgiving is a holiday about togetherness. It’s one of the few times of year when the entire family comes over to simply sit and enjoy a meal. We talk, we laugh, and we connect. And it’s also about relaxation! We kick back and watch our favorite football teams hash it out while we let the turkey and stuffing settle in our stomachs. Yes, it’s a special cozy time for the whole family and sadly far too short lived.

 Whether you enjoy pumpkin spice, Halloween, or the sweet comforts of Thanksgiving, Autumn has something everyone can get excited about. Make this season even better by furnishing your home with the most comfortable and quality furniture possible. Save big while giving your family and friends the perfect place to enjoy this special time of year. Come to a Bel Furniture near you or visit our Facebook page online and tell us what you love most about Fall!

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