Thursday, April 30, 2015

Create the Bedroom of Your Kid’s Dreams

Are you looking to give your child the bedroom of his or her dreams? It may seem like a costly endeavor, but you can give your child the most amazing room at an affordable price with Bel Furniture. Find out how you can easily wow your kids with unbelievably low priced decor from Bel For Kids.

Dollhouse Decor

If your little girl is looking to live in a dollhouse herself, Bel For Kids can help turn her dream into a reality.

Along with painting the walls soft tones, you can feature the coolest dollhouse themed loft bed. Accent the room with this lovely and simple purple lamp. For the finishing touches, display her doll collection on this nice dresser.

Furniture for a Future Firefighter

If your little one wants to become a firefighter someday or just enjoys everything about dalmatians and fire engines, Bel For Kids has the perfect themed furniture and accessories for you.

The main feature of the room can be this incredible firehouse loft bed. Add another fun touch and light up the room with this firetruck lamp. You can also re-purpose a small ladder by painting it red and using it as a shelf.

A Place for a Princess

Your little girl deserves a room fit for a princess! Bel For Kids has an elegant and beautiful bedroom set that your little princess will love.

If you want to kick it up a notch, you could even get this luxurious, yet affordable, canopy bed fit for a queen. Add some extra glamor with this gorgeous dangly crystal lamp. Complete the ambiance by lining the furniture with a string of lights.

Fashionista Furnishings

Your little fashionista may have expensive taste, but you can still get the luxurious decor without the high price tag.

Grab this glam hot pink bed to give the room a fashionable flair. Light up the room with either a colorful dress lamp , a high heels lamp, or both. For a high end look, frame your classy shopping bags and hang them on the wall.

No matter what your child’s style is, you can find the perfect kid’s furniture at the lowest price at Bel Furniture’s Bel For Kids.

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