Monday, March 23, 2015

Time to Get Moving

Time to Get Moving

Has your living space or bedroom started to seem a little stagnant? Even with new furniture, things can begin to feel stale and unchanged. The most common reason for this feeling is found in the simple fact that your furniture has been in the same arrangement since you moved in. You either found the perfect feng shui or settled on the first place the couch would fit, and there it has remained unmoved and undisturbed ever since. As a result, your home may have fallen into a bit of a funk, but there is a quick and simple fix.

Rearranging your furniture and decor carries many benefits from improving mood to keeping your home clean and safe for children and adults alike. All you need to do is grab a friend or family member and get moving. Try as many arrangements as you like. After all, if you don’t like the final product, you can always move things right back to where they started, but we guarantee you’ll find some new look that will really make a difference.

Taking Care of the Home

Maintaining a clean and tidy home can be extremely challenging at times. With so much going on in your life, you may not have time for the regular deep cleaning that your house or apartment deserves. Instead, you stick to the basics; run the vacuum, mop the floors, and wipe the tables. Unfortunately, this quick clean can leave behind a lot of dirt, dust, and grime, particularly under your unmoved furniture.

When you decide to rearrange your room, you’ll discover all sorts of spots that you may have missed during your regular routine. Moving a couch, chair, or even bed will reveal dust bunny landscapes and a plethora of odds and ends that may have slid under your furniture over the years. 

Additionally, you’ll discover deep impressions in your carpeting left by the legs of your furniture from years of use. These divots can permanently damage your carpet by breaking down padding and wearing away fibers. To prevent this, you only need to shift your furniture around, giving your carpet a chance to regain its shape.

Furthermore, you should be aware of any sunlight entering the room through surrounding windows. Overtime, this sunlight will cause fabric and photographs to fade or become discolored. Therefore, it is important to rotate your furniture and decor out of the sunlight on a regular basis. 

Taking Care of Your Family

The benefits of rearranging your rooms aren’t limited to household maintenance but can also include a happier and safer family. A new room layout can help your family and guests feel more positive when entering your home because the room will feel vibrant and refreshed. Even the slightest change can have big results.

Throughout the process, you must always remain aware of your surroundings and think outside the box. For those with younger children, you may need to toddler-proof the room. Backing the couch up to the dining area may help separate the space, but it can also give kids a great place to jump from sofa to table. Keep this in mind to prevent any unwanted daredevil stunts.

Finally, note where the electronics in your room may be. Make sure that you aren’t overloading any outlets with nearby gadgets or light fixtures. Instead, spread your lights throughout the room. 

Also, it is a common trap that people fall into when we center our room layouts around the television. Of course, this makes sense for viewing the TV, but it can also prevent conversation and interactions between your family and guests. Challenge yourself, and create arrangements that put relationships first and technology second.

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