Thursday, May 16, 2013

Perfect Summer Pairings

Here at Bel Furniture, we must admit that we are in total lounge mode as the spring season winds down and the hot summer approaches. It’s a good thing we’re surrounded by comfy furniture sets all day long because the only way to beat the heat is to stay indoors where it’s cool and cozy. While the official start of summer is still over a month away, we've already thought of the perfect snack and furniture pairings. Bear with us. This may make your mouth water.

First up (above), we have a decadent dish of Balsamic Honey-Pulled Sliders. The smoky flavors of pork and the light, sweet taste of honey is topped off with a sprinkling of coleslaw and radishes. These tasty burgers are best eaten at our Tuscano marble top bar, which features Italian leather inlays and two bar stools.

Our second pairing features homemade ice cream with divine chocolate flakes and a savory berry sauce. To appreciate this cool treat, we suggest trying it in front of the big screen while you watch your favorite film and relax on our 3-piece Home Theater Set. Covered with top grain leather, each seat luxuriously reclines and has a beverage holder.

Perfect for the summer, our third and final pairing is succulent, wholesome and flavorful. Dine on shrimp skewers marinated in orange juice and served with a refreshing side of zucchini. Enjoy this with the whole family atop our stylish Butterfly leaf table. Burnished edges, sleek upholstery and a dark cherry finish make this a unique piece. Check back in for more perfect pairings next week! 

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