Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrity Living Room Style

We know what Hollywood stars look like on the big screen, on the red carpet, in the tabloids, and on late night entertainment, but how do they look when they're just being themselves in private, kicking back on a comfy sofa? At Bel Furniture, we  suspect that a person's decoration choices say volumes about their personality, interests, and aesthetic taste. This blog features celebrity living room styles of Dennis Quaid, Diane Keaton, Sting, and more! We love seeing how the A-list lives.

Quintessential Country Quaid

Dennis Quaid has portrayed a range of interesting characters, including Jerry Lee Lewis in Great Balls of Fire! and a young astronaut in The Right Stuff. Originally from Houston, Dennis and his wife wanted a ranch-like feel for their living room. We love the exposed ceiling beams, roaring fire, and unique table with leather seats. The room looks sun-washed and rustic. We'd say he definitely succeeded with this Texas-inspired living room.


Suave and Sumptuous Sting

Singer, Sting, made famous by his front man position with "The Police," choice to decorate his London town home in a way that reflected art and objects that inspired his creativity. We love the effect of the classic framing above the fireplace and the bold, contemporary painting at its center. The bright interior of the glass coffee tables and the vases of fresh flowers give the guest interesting focal points. All in all, this looks like the perfect place for coffee before heading into the recording studio.

Cool and Coastal Keaton

Long-time Hollywood A-lister, Diane Keaton, calls California her home and chose to decorate her living room with rustic accessories and a simple color palette. The exposed roof beams and trusses are elegant and rich in color. The simple chandeliers are a little more modern, but give the eye something unique to look at against the plain, white walls. We also like the wooden furniture and large and colorful pots. When we look at this room, we're reminding of coastal Spain.

Exquisitely Elton

Sir Elton John's living rooms is an extension of the main building that juts out into the open air with a view of the entire city of Los Angeles. While the modern chaise looks like a wonderful place to nap in the sun, guests in Sir Elton's living room would also enjoy the retro sitting chairs and velvety long couch. If anyone knows how to do exquisite luxury, it's Elton.

Blue Still Life

The calming atmosphere of Ben Stiller's living room may come as a shock considering the eccentric and jokester roles the actor often plays. We admire the uniformity of style Stiller has achieved in this room. And, we love the small black and white photo gallery displayed on simple shelves near the open French doors. The two plants lend a dash of green to an otherwise blue still life.

Ring in the Butler

Bel Furniture's final celebrity living room belongs to leading man, Gerard Butler, who converted this old warehouse space in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood to a luxurious loft. The elegant chandelier, leather arm chairs, and greenery make this space a paradise. And, Gerard even has a view of the Empire State Building!

On a final note, we would like to ask you which of the celebrity rooms you would prefer to have in your own home? As always, feel free to leave a comment directly in the Comments section of this blog or on our Facebook Timeline.

Happy Monday!

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